Valentin Lindlacher

PhD Candidate in Economics

Refereed journal publications

Is high-speed Internet an infrastructure of general interest?

Information Economics and Policy (available online)
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Although the recent years have witnessed a stark increase in the availability of high-speed Internet, adoption rates remain low. One potential explanation is that for most users high-speed Internet does not increase their utility. Using a mixed logit discrete choice model, this paper analyzes whether high-speed and basic Internet are substitutes. I find that they are not. Users who do not need higher speeds, choose basic speeds regardless of high-speed availability. Therefore, high-speed Internet is not an infrastructure of general interest. Consequently, policy-makers cannot increase usage of high-speed Internet by solely fostering its rollout.

Keywords: high-speed Internet; broadband; discrete choice; mixed logit
JEL-Codes: L96, L13, L51

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